Morning!! Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.07.06 09:33)

Everyone, are you

I’m still
a little sleepy…LOL

Maybe because I didn’t eat breakfast?

breakfast is important!

If you don’t eat breakfast
you won’t have energy.

Everyone, do you eat breakfast?

I usually
eat it!

Then I’m okay
for the day(^^ゞ

Maybe because I’m a glutton?

I guess I’ll do my best
and hold out until lunch (>_<)


I wonder what lunch is. LOL

I'm looking forward to it too much (^o^)


All of Warota 7 is energetic even in the morning♪

Everyone is free~

All of these free spirits gathering LOL

Free spirits


They're a little similar…(T/N: I guess "jiyuujin" and "uchuujin" sound a little similar maybe…??)

Let's be energetic today too!

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