Ayariin! Hmm? Kikujii! Nakagawa Haruka(^3^)-☆

(2012.06.30 11:00)

Good afternoon(⌒∇⌒)ノ”

Today my eyes have been open since morning. LOL

Rare, right♪

I’m not really good at waking up
but I’m not bad at it either.

Probably. LOL

When I wake up, I take like
10 minutes just lying there. LOL

Even if someone calls out to me
I just lie there…

Is this being
bad at waking up?

Well, putting that aside

Today is Kikuchi Ayaka-chan’s birthday♪


I want to call her Ayarin, but
I’m not used to it, so

I sent her a mail last night
It was the second one…

I’m a little.

No, a lot. Frustrated. LOL

But I was able to properly convey my feelings to her!

It might be the longest
she’s gotten so far. LOL

Five years have passed since I met Kikuji.

A lot of things have happened.

The first person I made friends with
was Kikuji

and the first person I fought with
was Kikuji. LOL

My first time going to a friend’s house to sleep over was also Kikuji’s house

and the first time going to Disney with a friend was also with Kikuji.

To me, Kikuji is
a really important person.

We’re on different teams so we can’t stand on stage together much, but I’m really happy we could be in Warota together♪

Kikuji is a really kind person, and if there’s anything she doesn’t say and keeps to herself I want her to tell me.

I might be unreliable, but
I can at least listen!

Let’s keep working hard
as friends and
as rivals!

I love Kikujiヾ(^▽^)ノ

Today is Kikuji’s birthday show.

please get pumped up for it (^^ゞ

If you don’t
I’ll get mad! LOL

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