(2012.06.20 23:31)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu.

The Team B tour show in Gunma finished safely, thank you very much!

I missed the last show due to my health, so today was my first tour day. It was fun!
I sweated a lot~.
Lives really are fun!

Everyone in Gunma, did you enjoy it too?
I thought it was super fun!

I’m really happy I was finally able to sing in the unit “Tenshi no Shippo” I’ve always wanted to be part of!
I’ve aaaalways wanted to wear that outfit.
Sadly I couldn’t take a picture, but next time I’ll try!

Thank you very much for the uchiwa and towels.
I saw all of them!
I’m really happy.

With Komorin.
Komorin is really cute (^^)
During rehearsal, we were using the stairs on the stage set and everyone pretended to be Takarazuka. That’s a secret.

Like I said in the title
we got Gunma’s famous yakimanjuu, it was super delicious! I really liked it

Well then, I think everyone sweated a lot, so please be careful not to catch a cold!

Good night♪

From Mayuyu

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