(2012.06.16 16:13)

Good afternoon
It’s Mayuyu!



starting at 18:00 tonight

“Mayonaka no Guitar”

sung by Tokunaga Hideaki-san x Oshio Koutarou-san x Sumioka Rina-san x Watanabe Mayu



sung by Mizuki Nana-san x Watanabe Mayu

will be on air!!
It’s a dream collaboration♪

To be able to sing with such lovely people, it’s something I’ll remember forever (^^)

In particular, I really like Mizuki Nana-san’s “DISCOTHEQUE”, and I listen to it and sing it at karaoke all the time, it’s one of my beloved songs, so…

To be able to sing it with Mizuki Nana-sama herself…!!
I’m really happy.

The harmony on
“Mayonaka no Guitar” was tough, I was really nervous…

Everyone, please watch it on air♪

It’s airing on Fuji TV-san at 18:00 tonight.
Please support me!

From Mayuyu

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