[Senbatsu election ☆ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.06.07 09:32)

To all of the fans
who are cheering for me…

Yesterday was the senbatsu election.

In the end, I got

I have never
had my name called and stood on stage
in the elections before.

It was very very frustrating.

Honestly part of me was thinking of
running away, and I hated
that part of myself.

But one year has passed since the last
election, and yesterday’s election

In the early results, I was barely ranked
at #61.

But I was really happy
that my name was there at all.

But I was also really nervous.

I thought I would end up not ranking again.

I thought that
I would end up betraying everyone’s expectations
everyone who cheers for me.

But in the handshake events
fans told me

“Believe in everyone
who’s cheering for you!”

and said warm things like that
I was reassured.

I’m really thankful.

In yesterday’s election
my rank went up, and I got
#51, which to me is a lovely rank.

All of the fans
who are cheering for me

Everyone who voted for me

It’s thanks to everyone who
supported me.

Really really really
thank you very much!!

Honestly I can’t say
thanks enough.

I have to work hard
and put lots of effort in
this next year.

Because I’m still not satisfied with
this position.

I want to go even higher.

I want to pay back everyone who
cheers for me.

I want to see

everyone’s smiles more.

So I will work hard
for everyone who cheers for me
starting today.

I’m where I am now because of everyone
who cheers for me, and
I can do my best.

Please continue to support
Kikuchi Ayaka from now on too!!

And please hold up my back
from now on too.

Everyone who voted for me
thank you so so much… (;_;)

This trophy is
my treasure

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