(2012.06.09 11:09)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu.

I’m really sorry this is so late.
I think I can’t really put this into words well.
I’m sorry.

On the 6th
at Budoukan
there was the 27th single senbatsu election!

The exciting and nerve-wracking election every year.
For some reason I was more nervous than before this year
and I was thinking about a lot of things the night before
and couldn’t sleep well…

And the day of the event.

I was really nervous, but
going on stage when the show started
and seeing all the fans
my nervousness went away just like that.
I thought that it’s okay because everyone is here with me!

And somehow I managed to calm down when they were announcing the senbatsu members.

The moment my name was called as #2
I really couldn’t believe it.
I thought I was dreaming.
I still don’t believe it, but I’m very happy.
I’m really lucky
to have so many people cheering for me.

Everyone, thank you very much.
I’m full of thankful feelings.

I’m the way I am now because everyone else is here.

Sorry I can’t put this into words very well.
But I’m really really overflowing with thankful feelings towards everyone!!

I’ll work hard so I can pay everyone back!
And I’m going to improve myself so I can keep growing a lot.
I’ll hold these feelings close to my heart…

AKB48 will keep working hard from now on too!!!

Let’s have a lovely future together♪

Please support us!

By the way
when I got home after the election
my mom was waiting with this prepared☆

I was happy~
I was really moved at the present full of love.

Well then, I’m sorry this was so long.

It seems like we’re entering the rainy season today.
Everyone, don’t forget an umbrella.

Well then
I’ll do my best-mayuyu today too~☆

From Mayuyu

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