(2012.05.31 23:38)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu again.

Please let me talk about my hobbies. Sorry for doing this by myself.

my beloved Takarazuka Kagekidan Flower Troupe’s Asaka Manato-san is moving to the Cosmos Troupe.

When it was announced
it really shocking, but no, June is still really far away so it’s okay! I thought…

It’ll be June in less than 30 minutes…

I’m lonely or something…

But I’m going to continue supporting Maasama even in the Cosmos Troupe!

I’m watching the DVD of “Phantom” by the Flower Troupe from last year while eating (^^) Nostalgic~

Maasama is too cool in the scene by the opera house…
I love her!


Sorry for talking about my hobbies.
If you don’t know Takarazuka you probably don’t understand at all…I’m sorry.

Mayuyu is so into Takarazuka Kageki, if you’re interested even just a little please go see them♪

Ah, by the way, the Cosmos Troupe is starting a new show in the Tokyo Takarazuka theater tomorrow~ (^-^)/

I have to go soon!
Though I just saw Mura on the 10th…LOL

Well then, sorry! Really. Sorry.

Good night!

From Mayuyu

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