I’m going to sleep soon! Harugon blog(^3^)/-☆

(2012.05.15 23:51)

Good evening(⌒∇⌒)ノ”

Today was
AnDare on NotTV♪

This show is really fun, it goes by so quickly every time

It’s a show where I can show off my personality!

I want to be on it again.

I want to be on it every day. LOL

I wonder if
I can show everyone, Harugon is like this!

And Harugon’s worries lately…

I’ve been bruising easily.

I get bruises without
realizing it…

Why? LOL

It’s mysterious. LOL

Sorry for
a pointless worry.LOL


Tomorrow I’m waking up at 5:30!

Anyone waking up before me??

Please wake me up.


I’ll do my best
so I can wake up. LOL

Well then

good night (–;)

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