(2012.05.03 15:01)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu♪

The other day, on 4/28
I went to the opening night of Takarazuka Kagekidan Flower Troupe’s national tour

“Nagai Haru no Hate ni / Kanon”

at Ichikawa Bunka Kaikan☆
With Mutti ^^ It was Mutti’s first time seeing the Flower Troupe!

This time, “Nagai Haru no Hate ni” was another showing of the show done by the Moon Troupe in 2002
It was a really lovely story~ ^^♪

First, Ranju Tomu-san playing Stephane with blonde hair, white clothes, and glasses
was so beautiful and cool it was out of this world…thank you very much! I’m happy!

Ranno Hana-san playing Eva was really cute! Cute!
Sou Kazuho-san playing Claude had a really sharp gaze when she was dancing in the operation outfit, it was cool…♪

And most importantly…

Asaka Manato-san playing Arnaud was really really cool…!! LOL

She was really lovely in both the suit and the orange filler outfit ^^ Ukya
Ahhhh~~ cool! I can’t sleep thinking about it. Ahhhhhh

Sorry, I got distracted LOL

Anyway, I couldn’t get enough of it since I love medical stuff.
White outfits and glasses are really what I love to see!!

And “Kanon”!!

It was even more powered up than last time~!
I really love Kanon♪
I get so excited at the song in the prologue, I love it ^^ Daimon-san and Kiki-san are in it now, I was excited~

The tanguera scene was really sexy and cool~! Purple suits!!
It was really the best…I love this scene too much!
The actresses playing males were really cool. Really beautiful ^^♪

Daimon-san was beautiful as usual and her singing voice….too beautiful (>_<)!
Mutti was moved too~

The Flower Troupe really is the best!
I love them~!!
I got even more incentive again!

Okay, I have to work hard too~~ ^^!!

Well, today there's the B5th
performance at TDC Hall for
"Minogashita Kimitachi e 2"!

I'll do my best-mayuyu today too☆

Ranju-san is really cool…ah, at the handshake event the other day, I talked with Shawako about Takarazuka so much it was annoying←(^-^)/ I really was excited at blonde hair, white clothes, and glasses LOL

Everyone, please go see the Flower Troupe’s national tour♪
It’s really wonderful!
I want a lot of people to see it☆
There are a lot of seats, so you’ll definitely get excited! LOL

I have performances in Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan for three days starting tomorrow.
Ah~~ I want to go to Kyuushuu too!! LOL

…Ah, I’m sorry.
When it comes to Takarazuka I can talk for ages, so I’ll stop myself here (>_<)

Well then
everyone who I'm meeting at TDC Hall later, please support me♪
Let's get excited together!!

From Mayuyu

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