(2012.04.27 14:27)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu!

It’s late, but…

The other day, 4/22
in Team B’s evening performance

It was my 18th birthday performance!

thank you very very much!!

I was really nervous before the curtains opened up…
I wonder if everyone will enjoy it? and such
I thought like, can I show everyone how much I’ve grown? (>_<)

When the curtains opened
everyone had matching fans and penlights
and there were a lot of people wearing t-shirts and holding towels!

I was very happy!
The fans and t-shirts and towels and penlights were vverrryyy cute (^^) I'm happy♪

In the unit
"Hatsukoi yo Konnichiwa"
before the intro, everyone cracked their glowsticks at the same time LOL

The white glowsticks were pretty, I was moved☆

I was really happy at the cheers that were warmer than usual.
I heard the Mayuyu calls in the encore too!
I won't forget them!!

In the final song, "Bokutachi no Kamihikouki"
people even had fans with Angora rabbits♪
They were really cute☆

Yukirin, who was in charge of the celebration, felt really appropriate, it was fun\(^o^)/LOL


When I went out into the lobby
there were really lovely flower stands!!

No way~(^ω^;)!!

Too cute

And in the middle was my beloved beloved Angora rabbit…

Cute and fluffy!

The board on top is really characteristic of the manager from Sabadoru!


“I am Mayuyu…
I am 18 years old…”
This board is wonderful☆
It’s Sabadoru-ish, I’m happy

Everyone who helped with my lovely birthday show
thank you very very much!!

I’ll do my best from now on too so I can pay everyone back a lot!!

Please cheer for Watanabe Mayu
who turned 18!

I’ll do my best-mayuyu~o(^▽^)o☆

From Mayuyu

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