Fifth anniversary! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2012.04.08 22:26)

(*゜□^*)↑Good evening

Thank you very much
for this two-day handshake event!

I’m sorry
I couldn’t talk well.

I have to get better soon.

But everyone talked to me
a lot, so
it was super fun!!!!

Thank you very much♪

And today was
my fifth anniversary of debuting in the theater!

It feels like it’s been such a short time (>ェ<;

A lot of things have happened
since I debuted in Team B.

I was able to do a lot of things
that I couldn't experience at 16.

It was fun, but
there have been a lot of painful things too, I've worried and thought a lot.

I've had uncountable amounts of
painful and hard times.

And I thought that it was just something I had to do.

But thinking back on it now, it wasn't all pointless.

There were a lot of important things for me.

So I want to move forward
and believe in myself
with fans
and staff members
and family!

Please support me from now on too.

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