(2012.03.28 20:36)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu!

Sorry this is late.

The other day, on the 26th

I, Watanabe Mayu

turned 18!!

…I can’t believe it.

I’ve lived for 18 years.
Those 18 years felt like they went by in the blink of an eye.

Five years have passed since
I debuted in AKB at the age of 13.
That was really fast.

I have to work harder!

I’ll aim
even higher!!

I safely graduated high school the other day.
Sorry I’m saying this so late.

The Try-shiki Koutou Gakuin teachers really helped me!
Thank you very much.

I’m not a student anymore, so I’m going to hold myself as a responsible working member of society.

I’m still a novice, but
I’ll be happy if you cheer for me from now on too.

Please support Watanabe Mayu
from now on too!!

From Mayuyu

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