Shooting out\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.03.24 22:06)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu!

Sorry this is late.
It took time to write.

It’s late, but…

On the 20th
“Synchro Tokimeki”s release event

“Let’s synchronize with everyone! Mayuyu’s tokimeki live”

happened at Yomiuri Land.
I never thought the day would come where I could stand on the Yomiuri Land stage alone…! (/ _ ; )

5000 chosen people gathered for me, too…I’m too happy.
Everyone, thank you very very much for coming in the cold!!

Synchro Tokimeki
Mitsuami no Kimi e

I sang those three songs, I was really nervous singing in front of people! (>_<)
But I'm glad I didn't mess up the lyrics or the dance…
Thanks to everyone's cheering♪

It was my first time performing the dance version of Mayuyuroid, it's really cute, right~ (^o^) I love it

But really~
In particular, a lot of girls and kids came in the noon session, I was excited☆
Girls are cute! Little kids are cute!

As a surprise, Usa Shijimi-san appeared at first…
And even more surprising!
There was a birthday surprise!
I was really surprised~

Mayuyu’s favorite food
It’s a two-layer mille crepe. Amazing!
It was delicious☆

I was surprised at the amount of people
who had nice reactions to the heart-shooting event!!
Amazing! I shot them the best I could (^-^)/LOL

By the way
the nice reaction prize….

goes to the person who said
while being embarrassed LOL
It was too timely and too funny and I laughed a lot )^o^( LOL

In the evening
the penlights were very pretty…
The screw-shaped penlights were used a lot☆
They were really lovely (^-^)/

It was my first autograph event in a while but it was nostalgic and fun!
Everyone, I’ll be really happy if you treasure it.
Please don’t throw it out LOL

I’m really
glad my first solo event was a success!
Everyone, thank you very much for cheering for me!

All of the people who stuck around until the end even though they didn’t get into the heart-shooting event or the autograph event, thank you very much (>_<) It was cold…please be careful.

Sorry this was so late.
Please support me in the Nagoya event on the 31st too! (^-^)/

From Mayuyu

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