One year. Nakagawa Haruka.

(2012.03.11 19:25)

I’m praying very deeply from the bottom of my heart
for happiness in the next world for everyone who passed away in the disaster.

March 11th
One year since the disaster.
This is a day I cannot forget.
What can I do now?
Things we can do are different for each person, but I think everyone has something they can do. Fundraising and volunteer work. Even if it’s a small thing, that can still be one step in the right direction. What I can do is singing and dancing to make everyone smile! There are a lot of things I’ve been thinking about this year.
We’ll do our best so everyone can work together and move forward. It’d be nice if we could send smiles to a lot of people from now on.

Nakagawa Haruka.

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