(2012.03.04 20:56)

Good evening★

I stopped writing for a while again( ; ゜Д゜)


Today was a handshake event in Saitama’s Seibu Dome!

The handshake event was short so we could perform Request Hour’s #100-#200 (^o^)

Lovetan performed #114 “Tonari no Banana” with Kana-chan!

Banana for the first time in a while!
It was fun~

Everyone who came, thank you very much for coming in the cold (>_<)

And yesterday I recorded

NiTV's popular shows all together! 2012 spring shows. It's airing on 4/7, from 18:30!

If you have the time, please watch it\(^O^)/

Well, let's meet again LOL

From Lovetan.

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