(2012.03.01 00:30)


The long day! Safely finished!
It snowed a lot (>__<) I was nervous.
I'll do my best to make the songs better!
I want to sing Mayuyuroid in front of everyone soon.

And after that was a special feature live broadcast from Ameba Studio!

Yoppi-san who loves anime and always takes care of me was in charge!
A Nippon Broadcasting announcer.
Really easy to talk too (^o^)
Yoppii-san really understands the heart of a wota!

And in that special feature…amazingly!

More than 150,000 people were watching!!
Uhyaaaa! Thank you very much!
It's too amazing, I can't even begin to imagine it.
How should I show how thankful I am….

thanks to everyone, I'm able to be at this point today.
I'm really thankful.

And in the middle of that
I couldn't even believe my ears at the good news.

My solo debut single

"Synchro Tokimeki"

got #1 on today's

Oricon Daily Chart.

To actually get #1…
I still can't believe it.

The reason I was able to get #1
is thanks to the staff members who work hard and give up their sleep time for me, my mother who puts me even in front of herself and always supports me, and my beloved fans who always love me and cheer for me.

Thank you very very much.

It may seem like not enough to say it just like that, but I'm so thankful that I can't express it with just "thank you".
Please let me thank you properly next time I see everyone.

I'm really glad I'm alive.
I'm really glad I worked hard without giving up.
I'm really glad I met everyone.

I'm thankful to fate for this meeting.

the legend of Watanabe Mayu's solo debut has just started.
This is the real start!

I'll do my best-mayuyu
starting tomorrow too~o(^▽^)o☆

Well, everyone, please rest well.
It's cold, so please warm your cold bodies wrapped in futons.

Sorry that was so long.

Good night♪

From Mayuyu

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