What I did today! Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2012.02.21 22:33)

ヾ(o・_●・)ノGood evening♪

I did two photoshoots!

First was
a photoshoot for the free paper
called “Otapoke”!!!!

The cover and inside!

It turned out really cute♪

I did a lot of interviews too
it’s Harugon-ish!

The costume is adult-ish but cute!

It’ll be available
around Akihabara on March 10th☆

Please get it!

And the second was
shooting for EX Taishuu-san!!!

This makes the third time!!!

Thank you very much
for calling me. LOL

I’m introducing a certain thing
by myself
in my usual style!

There’s polaroids as presents too(*〇´∀`艸)*゜。

The release date is…

March 25th!

get both!!!

By the way, tomorrow is
Shounen Champion’s release date!

I’m appearing by myself♪

Don’t forget to check it out!! (〃^∪^〃)

Well then
see you tomorrow!!!

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