Long time no see\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.02.17 19:38)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu!

Sorry I haven’t been updating!
I want to update!

I’ll work harder!

Mayuyu has been doing SabaDoru recently!
Finally the last spurt!

Episode 6 is on air tonight\(^o^)/Watch it!


AKB is appearing on M-Sta\(^o^)/Watch it watch it watch it!

Give me five!!!

My head has been empty recently!
I wonder what’s going on?!


Everyone, it’s cold, so keep warm!

Now that I think about it, the other day they were doing a special feature about Sakura Gakuin-chan on the morning ZIP, ZIP-san really did a good job.

Cuteness is justice!

Everyone, if you have any cute girls to recommend to me, please tell me (^o^)


From Mayuyu

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