Listen to my song~\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.02.10 20:21)

Good evening!
It’s Mayuyu.

Sorry this is late!

On the 5th
there was a handshake event
at our holy ground
Tokyo Big Sight!
Everyone who came, thanks!!

Big Sight!
It makes me remember last year’s NatsuComi…it was hot!

in Mayuyu’s lane on that day
the galaxy fairy from Macross F

Sheryl Nome-san was there!

It’s Sagittarius Sheryl~ no way(^ω^;)
I always wanted to try wearing it!
I love the Sagittarius costume♪


I don’t really suit Sheryl well! LOL
I don’t have a nice body like Sheryl…it was too impossible.

The only 3D Sheryl is Aira-san! That’s it!

Maybe it’d be better if I just went with Ranka instead (>_<) Next time I'll do magical girl pastels!

But really

as expected of the popular anime Macross!
A lot of fans recognized it was Sheryl-san.
Thank you very much!


"Ah, it's Ginga Tetsudou!"

I whistled when people said that to me.
Who's Maetel?

There were some people who thought I was Oscar, too.
Though I love Versailles Rose and Takarazuka! LOL

Well then
my partner Tanamin
was K-ON's Hirasawa Yui-chan~

Cute! Tanamin really suits Yui (^o^)

NMB’s Momoka had a MadoMagi Madoka cosplay

I thought I could see a pink body from far away and when I looked closer it was Momoka Madoka lol
Cute o(^▽^)o

On that day, sadly
my luck was bad and I couldn’t meet Kaoru-kun!
Too sad! Mayuyu is really suffering from Kaoru-kun deficiency.

Because this kind of service doesn’t happen often!

What should I do for my next cosplay…
Next is in April, so I want to do something with short sleeves!
I want to show off something in particular soon!
Look forward to it☆

From Mayuyu

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