Gripping handshakes-tan

(2012.02.06 19:43)

Good evening★

Yesterday was a handshake event at Big Sight (^ω^)

Yesterday there weren’t many people who overslept LOL

Lovetan is strong in the mornings! I wake up by myself every morning(^-^ゝ゛


By the way, yesterday’s outfit was

the Lucky☆Star uniform!
I went with the Hiiragi Kagami image

Cosplay, yahhoi

A lot of people thought it was To Heart, but I actually do also have a To Heart cosplay(。-∀-)

Those kind of uniforms are cute, right? Very anime-ish

Everyone who couldn’t come yesterday, please come to meet us next chance you get゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Everyone who came to the handshake event, thank you very much!

From Lovetan.

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