[Google+ senbatsu 7 ★ Ayarin *Oωo)]

(2012.02.03 11:18)

That’s right.

Yesterday was a Google+ 7 senbatsu

It’s finally here!!

I was really shocked I was chosen
but I was honestly happy*・゜

The result of asking everyone
what kind of swimsuit is best
on Google+!!
It’ll be announced in Weekly Playboy
on February 20thYahhoi

Everyone who gave me a lot of opinions
thank you very much///

I think it was done
pretty well. Yes.←

Because no matter what it’s a swimsuit. Yes.←←


I’m really looking forward to the release date!!


I think I’m going to keep
making Google+ lively(*-∀-)ゞ

Everyone, I’m counting on youuuu!!!!

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