Recruiting viewers\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2012.01.25 14:32)

Good afternoon! It’s Mayuyu

The music show run by Asakura Daisuke-san and Mayuyu


has filming on 2/4
and we’re recruiting viewers now!

Of course Mayuyu will sing too☆

The guests this time are

Mizuki Nana-san
Momoiro Clover Z-san
Nanba Shiho-san
Ieiri Leo-san
Skirt no Naka-san
United Monmon Sun-san

All of them!

Nana-sama, no waaaaay\(^o^)/I’m too excited!
I’ll enjoy it, this filming LOL

MomoClo-chan is appearing again too~♪
I love seeing MomoClo-chan on stage, so I’m looking forward to this (^o^)

I’m looking forward to meeting Nogizaka again too☆

The application deadline is

1/29 (Sun) midnight!

Everyone, please come to watch it~!!
Hurry! The deadline is soon~!

Too cute donuts (^o^)

From Mayuyu

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