Day three-tan

(2012.01.21 21:28)

Good evening★

The third day finished safely\(^O^)/

Today I appeared in~

#47 “Kuchiutsushi Chocolate”
#39 “Pioneer”
#36 “Enkyori Poster”
#33 “Oogoe Diamond”
#26 “Shonichi”


I was really happy to be able to sing the song with deep meaning, Shonichi, at the very end of the third day!

Thanks for cheering for us a lot (^q^)

Tomorrow is finally the final day.

Let’s enjoy it~

Well then, see you tomorrow

The photo is with Keromochi-san LOL I love Mocchii゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜
Compared to Mocchii, I’m still a kid (-_-)

From Lovetan.

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