(2012.01.20 10:04)

Good morning! It’s Mayuyu.

Yesterday was
RequHou’s first day!
It was exciting~ (^o^)


performed in these four songs:

Theater no Megami
Pajama Drive
Ice no Kuchizuke♪

Pajama Drive which didn’t rank last year
came back to #99 this year!
I was really happy~!
Everyone who voted for it, thank you very much (>_<)

In Ice no Kuchizuke
Eguchi Aimi-chan performed for the first time since Seibu Dome, it was fun!

In the second half, I was sitting on the stands the whole time and danced in the back (^o^)
Everyone is cuuuuute! AKB is cute!

Every time I found Mariko-sama
I kept thinking of that top star from Takarazuka's Cosmos Troupe…she really looks similar.
Ahh, nice guy!!

Beside me, Nacchan was shouting out for the members in her characteristic loud voice.
When she found Wasamin

Nacchan shouted


Anyway, it was a fun day one!

I’ll do my best-mayuyu
today too~o(^▽^)o

From Mayuyu

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