(2012.01.18 21:56)

Good evening! It’s Mayuyu!

I’m alive!
Sorry it’s been a while.

I had drama filming\(^o^)/Sabadoru!
Everyone, watch it! Nogizaka46 is in it! They’re cute!

Request Hour Setlist Best 100 finally starts tomorrow\(^o^)/It’s here!
I’m looking forward to it too much! Watching intensely!

But really!
Let’s make it the best performance!
Let’s do our best! Japan!

My tension has been high for a while now by myself, but no one else is joining me!
So I want everyone to join me!

Save me\(^o^)/Uwaaaahhhh

Sorry! Yeah!

Tomorrow, everyone, it’s not Shibuya AX, it’s TDC Hall!
Don’t mix them up! Okay?!

Lately I’ve been appearing in TDC Hall too much, I’m curious!
It’s a good thing!

Putting aside my apologies for not posting in a while
I’m going to put up a photo I forgot to put up way before!

It’s the 13th gen kenkyuusei
Mitsumune Kaoru-kun (^o^)!

Everyone loves her!
I love her too!


She’s one of Mayuyu’s beloved beautiful women disguised as a man.
We’re the same age.
Ah~ I want to see her soon. ← personal message

Let’s do our best starting tomorrow!
Good kids, let’s sleep early!

Good night!

This high tension might go down a little tomorrow morning!
Calm down, high tension!

Sorry, really.
Please forgive me tonight.

Good night.

From Mayuyu

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