Infirmary nurse゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2012.01.18 19:17)

Yuzuking aka Yuzuki Miho-san who was in “Pochi tto na.” with me last summer!

Yuzuking who played a lovely adult woman infirmary nurse!

That Yuzuking is having a photo exhibit now ∩(^▽^)

I didn’t know Yuzuking was a photographer, so I’m surprised, but when she showed me some photos they were very pretty(●*’∪’)ノ☆+゜

I want to go with Pochi members o(゜ー゜*o)(o*゜ー゜)o

Well then
I’m going to show you the mail Yuzuking sent me(*`O∪O●)


I’m having a photo exhibition
with lovely actors♪ヽ(´▽`)/

This time
I’m a model, but
I was mainly the person taking photos
and I made these works
as a cameraman(*´∇`*)

Besides the talk show
the gallery is free, so

when you have the time♪
A breather from work♪
Passing by♪
Or if you just like photos and cameras♪

Anytime is okay(´∀`)

Please come to see my work♪ヽ(´▽`

My challenge
as it says in the exhibition title
is to have a lot of people see it
and smile(´∀`)

I’ll be waiting(*´∇`*)

The details are here♪

Saitou Yasuka
Yoshida Tomokazu
Yuzuki Miho
Hayashino Takeshi

Kawaharada Takuya
Itou Yousuke
Murata Mitsuru

Onoda Ryuunosuke

Exhibition dates
2012.01.23 (Mon) 01.29 (Sun)

(Aoyama Icchome Station)

Yuzuki Miho



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