Girls♪ Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2012.01.18 09:21)


Yesterday was a girls-only performance♪

The theater was full of girls
They were cute no matter where I looked!!!

I was happy that small children were cheering for us too☆(Ф≧∀≦)☆☆


And yesterday
I had a different hairstyle!

I wanted to try
the hairstyle from the drama
Dirty Mama, so
I did it(>∀<●)ノ

I got it
curled a lot!

How is it?

If it's well-liked

I'll do it again +.(o´∀`o).+

Today is cold and dry
Everyone, be careful of a lot of things

I'm at an outdoor location
with Miichan
and Komorin, so

I'll be careful
not to catch a cold!

always talks to me!

She’s a cute underclassman. LOL

Come over to my house sometime♪

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