(2012.01.12 21:29)

When was it?
At first
in an MC, someone said “please enjoy it”

And then the stage director said “You aren’t at the level where you can say that kind of thing from above. So instead of “please enjoy it”, please make it “let’s enjoy it together””

I’m not the kind of person to say “Look! My performance! How is it?!”, so
saying that made me enjoy performances more!!

So, getting to the main point

Everyone coming to the Akihabara theater now
probably isn’t coming to make fun of us or just to find something to do
they’re probably sending a lot of mail applications and have lost a lot but finally won one, just like the lyrics of Theater no Megami
And I think there are probably a lot of people seeing a performance for the first time

So, I want everyone to watch it and enjoy it as much as possible

In the live DVDs you can use the calls in the song, but there aren’t any introduction MCs so you don’t really get it and it’s hard to react

But it’s okay to raise your voice in an MC!
Though of course it’s not okay to interrupt someone or say something unpleasant.

In yesterday’s introduction MC I said it without thinking about it, but

we can’t make the stage by ourselves.

I think that we make it together with the fans in the audience

I think it’s the same with other singer’s lives, plays, and musicals, not just AKB

Please clap and cheer for your favorite members

Of course there are probably people that think “I just like watching”
and that’s fine as long as you enjoy it too

If the stage is the only thing pumped up
or if the audience is the only thing pumped up
it won’t be a good performance, so

It’s the most fun if both the stage and audience get pumped up

It’s synergy☆

I don’t know how many people read my blog, but

Next time you come to a performance, let’s enjoy it togetherヾ(*’∀’*)ノ☆

You aren’t forced to clap and cheer, I want you to enjoy it without being embarrassed or shy.

If this entry felt like that, I’m sorry.


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