Photoshoot, then-tan

(2012.01.11 22:55)

Good evening★

Today we had a duet photoshoot♪

It was valentine-ish(。・ω・。)

That’s right~
Valentine’s Day is coming up soon~

I wonder how much chocolate I’ll get? LOL

After the photoshoot finished, I went to eat with Harugon and a mutual friend\(^O^)/

It was delicious!

I could meet that friend for the first time in a while, and I wanted to talk a lot (^ω^)

We still didn’t talk enough LOL

We have to have a sleepover next time!!

That friend’s mother is amazing! She’s a fortuneteller (>_<)

I saw her a little today!

She was right, it was amazing

I think next time I want to have her look at me more closely.

I have lessons starting tomorrow

I’ll do my best~

Thanks for cheering for me today too゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

See you tomorrow (^o^)

From Lovetan.

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