(2012.01.06 11:51)

Good afternoon!
It’s Mayuyu!

Long time no see (>_<) Sorry!


I talked about this in yesterday's performance, but
on 1/2 I had the day off, so
I went to play with my older sister
at Mura aka the Takarazuka big theater in Hyougo prefecture!!

The one making a peace sign next to the Happy New Year sign is Mayuyu.

I took the Hankyuu train to get there, but
the hanging posters were all Takarazuka! No way(^ω^;)


Everything was overflowing with Takarazuka, I was happy (^o^) My dream country☆

What did Mayuyu-san go there to do?
I went to see the Flower Troupe’s


that started on January 1st☆

Everyone was too lovely and cool and cute
I really felt that I love Flower Troupe♪
I like Flower Troupe too much, it hurts~ (>____<) I love the parade!

But I wonder what
that Shanshan was using as an image…I was staring )^o^(

Ah~ it was fun! I want to go to Mura again!

Everyone, please go to Mura to play sometime too♪

By the way
the Flower Troupe's performance "Fukkatsu/Kanon"
is running until 1/30 at this Takarazuka theater♪
I recommend it\(^o^)/Everyone, please!

Takarazuka stages are really amazing live~☆

Well, I finally finished writing this!
This blog took about four days to write…LOL

I reached the first stage!
I'll do my best-mayuyu from today on~ o(^▽^)o☆

Flower Troupe pose!!

From Mayuyu

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