Handshake event-tan

(2012.01.07 21:02)

Good evening★

Today was a “Ue Kara Mariko” handshake event at Makuhari Messe~(。・ω・。)

Thank you very much for coming from morning to night\(^O^)/

I’m glad I could greet everyone who came for the new year

Today was fun (-ω-)

Everyone who came from the country, please be careful on your way back!

By the way, my outfit today


Jersey: Pretty
Boots: Pretty
Accessories: Pretty
Skirt: Metamorphose

I was happy people said it was cute (^ω^)

My favorite point of this outfit is this


A heart key!

It’s cute and it feels like it’s a magical girl transformation device☆

I like it!!

There’s a handshake event tomorrow too, so please come to play~

From Lovetan

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