I bought a novel-tan

(2012.01.05 21:26)

Good evening

Today my work started in the evening, so
I went to pick up the clothes I ordered in Harajuku (^ω^)

For the handshake events on the 7th and 8th

I even bought things that I wasn’t planning on buying because there was a sale LOL

They were half-price, so…

Please forgive me lolol

And on my way to work I stopped by at a bookstore
and remembered that my manager told me to read books, so
I bought a novel by Ishida Ira-san!

It was an adult-ish title♪

I’ve worked with Ishida Ira-san on R no Housoku before, so
I was curious about what kind of books he wrote, so I bought one LOL

I’ve only read about 40 pages, but it seemed interesting!

After that I went to the photoshoot properly (-ω-)

I said “happy new year’s~” to everyone, it was tiring LOL

I really feel the years (-_-;)

From Lovetan.

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