Thanks for 2011-tan

(2011.12.31 22:59)

Good evening

Today was Kouhaku Uta Gassen, the last job of the year\(^O^)

Feels like the end of the year

Feels like New Year’s

AKB sang a medley (-ω-

Did you see Lovetaso??

A lot of people were able to perform this year too! Over 200~ this year

Was there force??

By the way, today was an R no Housoku three-hour special!

I couldn’t announce it, but did you watch it?

If you did, thank you very much♪

By the way, my costume for the three-hour special was this


Cute, right? It’s from Pretty again!

thank you very much for supporting Lovetan in 2011゜+。(*′∇`)。+

And please keep doing so!

There are still a few hours left, but happy new year

From from Lovetan

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