Sitting up straight\(^o^)/Mayuyu

(2011.12.28 23:02)

Good evening!
The excuse of work won’t be any good!
It’s nice-guy Mayuyu!

It’s late, but

on the 23rd
there was the Music Station Super Live!
Happens every year\(^o^)/I love it!

Makuhari Messe~

Kaze wa Fuiteiru → EveKachu → Furage.

It was fun~!
Christmas is the best!
Even though Santa-san didn’t come!

AKB’s turn was long, so I winked a lot!
I thought I’d wink like Houshou Dai-san, but it was embarrassing so I couldn’t…I’ll practice winking! (^o^)

The costumes were new too~

It’s black and cool, this was Kaze wa Fuiteiru.

in EveKachu, we took off those black costumes, and…

Christmas-y white costumes♪
Cute~ (^o^) Really Christmas!
Lovetan’s hairstyle was like Star Wars, it was cute.

Ah~ Christmas is over (>_<) *cries*

Tonight I'm dancing the samba.


And today was
the final Team B performance of the year!
Amazingly with all members!

This was the most fun too (^o^) Team B!
Too fun! Uhyaaa

I got too into it and winked again…like Dai-chan. LOL

Since I started watching Takarazuka, my awareness of the stage has risen!
It's really helping me learn.

I'll work harder\(^o^)/!!

I'll stop here for today.

Good night!

From Mayuyu

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