(2011.12.25 22:27)

Good evening!
Nice-guy Mayuyu is going to write about AKB Kouhaku!

On the 20th, at TDC Hall
there was AKB Taikou Kouhaku Uta Gassen♪

It’s already nostalgic (>_<)

Nice-guy Mayuyu-san was
on the white team with Oshiriko-chan!
I was convinced from the beginning that the white team would win!

Everyone did a unit shuffle
I sang "Temodemo no Namida" with my beloved Jurina♪

Temodemo is really a godly song, I’ve always wanted to try singing it (^o^) Happy☆

And I was happy to sing it with Jurina-chan\(^o^)/CenNezu!

Next I’m hoping for a Center and Nezumi Kinjirareta Futari!
We’ll do it sometime!

It was my first time with the Temodemo costume
Like my mom’s hand-me-downs (^o^)☆

In the end, I was really happy the white team won!
Everyone who cheered for us, thank you very much♪

SKE and NMB and HKT was too cute, I was watching from the stands behind them (>__<) Pigtails are the best!

Just cheering from the stands was really fun!
I got too into it! For the first time in a while!
I stared too much at Kaoru-kun…)^o^(

Anyway, it'll be nice if we can do it again next year!
JKT was full of really cute girls, I'm shocked\(^o^)/

Later! Good night!
I'm sleepy! Let's do our best in the drama tomorrow too!

Let's do our best-mayuyu o(^▽^)o

So, have a lovely Christmas!

From Mayuyu

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