(2011.12.26 18:12)

Good evening!! Agitated!

Takarazuka Kagekidan Cosmos Troupe top star
Oozora Yuuhi-san is leaving next year, is that true?!!
I don’t want to believe it uwahhhhhh!!!
Nice guy!!!

I thought this day would have to come, but…it hurts.
I love Yuuhi-san who’s really sexy in an adult way.

I went to see the Cosmos Troupe the day before yesterday, so I’ll write my thoughts on it later.

Mutty is probably sad…(>_<)

I really have to go see them next year, huh.
Dai-chan is there too (^o^)

All Takarazuka fans, let's be careful not to get too agitated!!

From Mayuyu

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