Am I the queen of hearts?-tan

(2011.12.21 07:05)


Yesterday I fell asleep as soon as I got home(つд;*)

Sorry sorry

So, I’m going to write about tomorrow right away☆

I think everyone knows, but yesterday LOL

was “AKB Kouhaku Taikou Uta Gassen”

I was on the white team.

Amazingly, the white team won♪

Yay ∀∀∀

The MCs were Sakai-san and the announcer Senno!!!

The judges were Mita Yoshiko-san, Kanda Uno-san, the Kanou sisters, and Morinaga Takurou-san!!

Isn’t it too gorgeous?!

I’m really moved to be judged by such wonderful people.

I was moved

I was shuffled into Not Yet’s Perapera Perao

Yukirin, Lovetan, Myao, Micha

It was fun!

It was fresh

My hairstyle was like this!!

It was famous among members too!

Lovetan had hearts…


Isn’t it cute?

I thought of it myself♪

I think I’m a genius at coming up with hairstyles LOL

I’m happy that members like it

By the way, today is a R no Housoku live broadcast

Watch starting at 18:55~

From Lovetan.

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