Momoka\(^second half^)/Mayuyu

(2011.12.16 01:03)

The continuation! (^o^)

Mayuyu-san was doing a friendly photoshoot with Tanamin
when she noticed a person walking from the other side of the corridor….!

That was…




It’s totally Ranka-chan!!

Both of us had the same cosplay lol

The other person cosplaying Ranka-chan was
NMB48’s Kinoshita Momoka-chan\(^o^)/It is you after all lol

I was surprised! For another Ranka-chan to appear!

We took a two-shot to commemorate it (^o^)

Director Kawamori, are you watchiiiing!!←an excellent private message

We took a three-shot to celebrate LOL

Another mysterious three-shot\(^o^)/
Because everyone loves cosplay!

But really~
it was fun!!

I’m already talking with Tanamin about what to cosplay together as in next year’s individual handshake events!
Look forward to it☆

Hey, a lot of people have said “you should dress as a boy!”…

I want to~ but it’s still embarrassing (>_<)
Speaking of crossdressing, Mitsumune Kaoru-kun is the best lol The rumored 13th gen!
Cool~ hehe
She totally has a Takarazuka face! The small outline and the big eyes, I thought she was Miyaruri-san.

By the way

In the sixth part, I took off the ponytails and shook hands with short hair LOL
With a spike\(^o^)/Going strong!

Short is nice~ fumufumu

Well, I’ll stop here!
I did my best today!
I updated my blog!
I want to start Google+ soon!

Good night⊂((・x・))⊃

From Mayuyu

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