Kira\(^first half^)/Mayuyu

(2011.12.16 00:21)

Good evening
The first half is starting!

On the 11th
there was an individual handshake event at Makuhari Messe!
Everyone who came for us, thanks! I love you!

Well then
Mayuyu-san’s cosplay was~…

It was Ranka Lee-chan
from Macross F~
(move Sayonara no Tsubasa “Houkago Overflow” version)

It was my first time wearing this costume!
It reminds me of Sayonara no TSubasa.
Alto-kun!! (^ω^#)

It was my second time wearing a wig at a handshake event
after Hallowen
Last time was blond, this time is green!
People were surprised\(^o^)/lol
There were too many people that thought I dyed my own hair lol It’s a wig!
I’m not so funky I’d dye my hair green (^o^)

Funky sunshine!!

Maybe because my hair is green
there were a lot of people mistaking me for Hatsune Miku-san….
The length of the hair is totally wrong!!
By the way, there were only 8 people that correctly guessed it was Houkago Overflow\(^o^)/You’re the best, I love you!

Tanamin’s cosplay
sadly didn’t match mine, but I took a photo anyway LOL

Tanamin was a blonde santa, kind of like Mymelo~
Cute!! The blonde wig made her look like Kyary Pamyu-chan!

But it’s a mysterious two-shot\(^o^)/lol

While we were taking photos and having fun like it was a cosplay gathering…

Something happened…!

Continued in the second half!
(CV: Ki-ton Yamada-san)


From Mayuyu

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