(2011.12.15 16:03)

Last night I asked “I’m thinking of making snacks, what would be good?” on Google+

I got a lot of comments ∩^ω^∩ Thanks!

Within those, the thing that appeared the most was cheesecake, so I made itヽ(‘v’●)

Baked cheesecake

Rare cheesecake

It was my first time trying the biscuit material of the rare cheesecake!

But I didn’t have a good shape (>_<)

I tried substituting, but it was big and deep and didn't work too well σ(-c_-´。) LOL

My mother said that the baked cheesecake would be a good snack to go with alcohol LOL

I found out what to improve, so making snacks for the first time in a while was fun(*゜д゜*)

Nacchan is great for using things properly ( ;Д;)ヽ(´v`)


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