(2011.12.11 23:25)

Good evening★

Today was a handshake event for “Kaze wa Fuiteiru” at Makuhari Messe (^ω^)

It’s cold today too, Lovetan’s hands and the fans’ hands were all cold (>_<) Don't catch a cold, okay?!

A lot of people said "happy birthday" in this handshake event, I was happy\(^O^)/

Thank you very much♪

It's the first day that 17-year-old Lovetan shook hands with everyone!

By the way, my outfit today~ヽ(o゜エ゜o)ノ

A Pretty outfit

A sugar heart jumper skirt (^o^)

I wore a wine-red beret too (^ω^)

Today was all Pretty(。・ω・。)

I get really excited when girls in lolita outfits come to handshake events!!

Girls are cute

The next time I’ll be able to meet everyone like today’s handshake event is next year

Happy new year~

Thank you very much for all the energy today too♪

From Lovetan.

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