Sixth anniversary-tan

(2011.12.08 22:55)

Good evening★

Today was AKB48’s sixth anniversary performance at the theater゜+。(*′∇`)。+゜

Lovetan sang
Team A “Rinjin wa Kizutsukanai”
Ue Kara Mariko’s coupling song “Noel no Yoru”
“Kaze wa Fuiteiru”
“Dareka no Tame ni”
“Sakura no Hanabiratachi”

It was fun (^ω^)

Even though I just turned 17, I’m already thinking that I want to hurry up and turn 18 (>_<)

I feel like 17 is the year stuck between being a child and an adult!

So it's like I want to turn 18 sooner so I can do work after 22:00??

My year of being 17 starts tomorrow, but

17-year-old Lovetan still needs everyone supporting her, so please support meΣd(`・ω・´)

How does Lovetan look recently?

My goal for 17 is



Negative Lovetan complains a lot and worries easily, so this year I want to have a strong heart and not be swayed by the things around me\(^O^)/

Well, I'm already trying to have a strong heart LOL

When I turn 18 Lovetan will support everyone else by herself lololol

So I have to prepare for that while I"m 17! I'll train!!

From Lovetan.

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