(2011.12.09 21:00)

Good evening!
Yesterday was the sixth anniversary
celebration event at the AKB theater!
All of the chosen heroes, congrats!

Everyone gathered together was amazing~
There were about 75 people!

For the theater pillars
another piece of pink tape was added.
Now there are six pieces.
Even though there was only three before!

Well then
in the live, Team B sang
Ue Kara Yuuhi…no, Ue Kara Mariko’s type B coupling song

“Yobisute Fantasy”

It’s a cute~ song.

Everyone’s costumes looked like fairies\(^o^)/

It felt fluffy (^o^)

The song and costumes are cute, but
the PV is pretty amazing


Because Ninagawa Mika-sama directed it~\(^o^)/Uha~

If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely watch it!
Because it’s really cute! It’s too cute, you’ll have to watch!

Ninagawa-san is too genius…
I love her~~~~\(//∇//)\

But really, I was nosebleeding at Team K’s suits for Zero Sum Taiyou.

Suits are nice, suits!

Zero Sum Taiyou’s PV
amazingly has crossdressing, it’s like Takarazuka.
How cool! It’s so cool!
I want to see it soon (^o^) Hehe

In the encore, all of us sang

the two songs

Dareka no Tame ni
Sakura no Hanabiratachi.

Sakura no Hanabiratachi really is a good song.
When I was still an AKB fan, I listened to it so much I wore out my ears.
What a good song! I thought that and listened to it all the time.
I sang it for the Team K audition (though I failed)
and it’s a precious song that has a lot of memories for me.

Let’s treasure it from now on too♪

I’m really glad we could spend our sixth anniversary like this!
I’ll run through our seventh year with all my strength!

Please continue cheering for AKB48
from now on too!!

Parent and child

From Mayuyu

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