Pink lines. Harugon blog(^3^)/

(2011.12.09 21:45)

★。・+゜・。(*u_u)< Good evening

Starting today
AKB48 has entered its 7th year!!!

Seven years
is amazing…

Lately every day
has felt really fast.

I thought that
I want to treasure
each day, and take one step
at a time towards my dream!

I want to go forward.

I will go forward!!

I haven’t been
able to repay anyone yet, but
I’ll go forward one step at a time and put effort into it to make everyone happy!!!

I definitely won’t give up!

As the pink lines on the pillars increase
I want to go forward on the path to my dream!

Please continue to support
AKB48 and Nakagawa Haruka
from now on too!

I wonder
if the pillars will get all striped sometime? LOL

☆^(*≧ω≦)ノ~~~βyё βyё♪

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