Good evening!゛∩(^∀^*)Nacchan

(2011.12.14 23:11)

We had an instant camera eventヽ(‘v’●)

All of the chosen heroes this time
congratulations ∩^ω^∩

Lately I’ve been into reading again((((;;´д`))

I’ve fallen asleep while reading too, but

sometimes it’s too interesting I can’t sleep and then when I realize it the sunrise……
What a thing to happen~

Lately I’ve only been reading manga so no matter how interesting it is
there’s only so much time reading one volume can take
and when I go to switch to the next one I return to reality, so
then I look at the clock and realize!
So it’s not that bad a thing(´A`)

Golden slumber/Isaka Koutarou
I finished reading that(оωО`*)♪

But really
I like the exciting type of book where they use
mysterious powers separate from reality like
Harry Potter, Darren Shan, Tsukigami no Suberu Mori de

Do you have any books like that to recommend?


Mails with Mayu are too funny ε(ノ∀`*)


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