(2011.12.14 22:36)

Yesterday, the final seiyuu audition for the TV anime



I was really nervous…
But I definitely wanted to make it, so I worked really hard!!
Everyone who cheered for me, thank you very much.

I, Watanabe Mayu

passed safely!

I’m really glad…
My name wasn’t called for a while, so
“ahh, I didn’t make it…”
Just as I was about to give up, my name was called at the end, I was really happy!
I was relieved and almost started crying but I held back LOL

I was really really happy!
I’m glad I did my best!

In this world
if you work hard something good will definitely happen, so you can’t stop.
It’s fun~ really!

Mayuyu’s beloved director Kawamori is helping out with this production, so
to be able to work with the director Kawamori whom I respect so much…
It’s really like a dream (^o^)!
I’m glad I’m alive!

The crew is too gorgeous with people like Ootsuki-san and Okada Marie-san, is it really okay for me to be part of it?! LOL
I think I want to do my best so I don’t become an annoyance to the staff.

Congrats to all of the nine (eight not including me) selected seiyuu
who were chosen in this audition!
And congrats to the four who got the special judge’s award!
Let’s work together to make a lovely work from now on (^o^)

I’m looking forward to it~~~!
I’ll do my best!

Within the chosen seiyuu
SKE48’s Shawako aka Hata Sawako-chan, who I’ve been close with lately.

Of course, we’re both Takarazuka wota, so every time we meet we talk about Takarazuka
Flowers are blooming\(^o^)/Ran Tomu-san is too cool
I’m glad it seemed to calm Shawako down before the show!

And NMB48’s Kinoshita Momoka-chan!

We finally exchanged mail addresses~ She’s always doing suspicious behavior, she’s funny\(^o^)/LOL
It’s okay if you use the same tension you have in your blog~!
It’ll be nice if we could become close friends (^o^)

But really~
I’m looking forward to AKB0048!

I’ll definitely make it a lovely show!
Everyone, please look forward to it~

I’m counting on you☆

From Mayuyu

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