(2011.12.04 22:50)

Good evening★

Yesterday was Warota 7’s first Yomiuri Land event and handshake event (^ω^)

It was raining(;・д・)

All of the members were worried wondering “I wonder if it’s okay?”.

But there were more people who came to meet us in the rain than I thought…

Really (T_T)

I’m full of feelings(((p・ω・q)))

Thanks to you all, it was a very fun event\(^O^)/

After the event ended, the rain stopped and it was sunny

So, the handshake event was sunny♪

It seemed like my first memories of Yomiuri Land would be full of rain, but if we can do another Yomiuri Land event for our next single, let’s make it sunny(。・ω・。)

Thank you very much for coming in the rain.

It might be late, but please be careful of catching a cold((((●・ω・)ノ

I’ll write later about today~

From Lovetan.

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