(2011.12.04 22:37)

Good evening, it’s Mayuyu

Today Warota had our first event in Nagoya in a while~

The venue was

Chuubu Kokusai Kuukou
Sky Town Event Plaza

(^o^) An airport!
I never thought the day would come that we could do an event in an airport, so I’m shocked!

A lot of people gathered for us, I was happy!
I saw a lot of people from far away too~
Thank you very much for cheering for us (^o^)

In particular, a lot of small children came to play☆
Everyone is cute~ I love them\(//∇//)\

Children are calming
and everyone’s smiles made us happy~
Thanks for dancing to Kibou Sanmyaku with us~ you can do it if you try!

The event talk and live also had open radio recording!
It was CBC Radio’s Saturday Teens Night Nagaoka, so the Nagaoka announcer came for us!
Thank you very much
It seems like this Nagaoka announcer is releasing a CD. I’m really curious!

The handshake event went at a pretty high speed lol
It was so fast, Mayuyu was shocked (>__<)

I'll practice getting used to high speeds!

On the way back, we all went to eat Taiwan ramen♪

My first Taiwan ramen! Delicious (^o^)
It was spicy! What the heck is this!
Sesame dango was pretty delicious.

But really~
Nagoya for the first time in a while was fun, I’m happy~
Thanks for all the chicken wings poses☆

It’ll be nice if we could go to Nagoya for the next single too~

If that happens, please support us♪

I’m counting on you\(^o^)/☆

Well, good work today!
Good night~⊂((・x・))⊃

From Mayuyu

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