(2011.12.03 22:37)

now that time has passed since yesterday’s incident, I’ve settled down a lot.
Haa~ I was really worked up….

If you ask what happened

At 18:00 yesterday
Takarazuka Kagekidan-san suddenly announced a group change.

That’s shocking by itself, but…

My beloved
Flower Troupe’s Asaka Manato-san
is going to the Cosmos Troupe…?!!

Uwahhhhh, I can’t believe it, I don’t want to believe ittttt
Maa-sama is leaving my beloved Flower Troupe…

No, I was really agitated, but it wasn’t that kind of problem! (^^;)

Uwahhh, when I think about it again like this
I get agitated again…scary!

Well, but
through this group change, I learned a lot about the close future of Takarazuka! Fumufumu.

So, like that.
we’re appearing with the Cosmos Troupe in FNS Kayousai on 12/7, so
I thought I’d study the Cosmos Troupe before then, and went to see one, but…
the members are going to change next year~.

But, I have to watch a lot of Cosmos Troupe things starting next year!

Of course
I love the Flower Troupe too, so I’ll continue to love them from now on too (^o^) Flower Troupe, hehe

I didn’t think I’d get this into Takarazuka~
Seriously, really into it.
Because it’s fun~

In the world of Takarazuka which is overflowing with charm
if only I had gotten into it earlier…(>_<) Let's work hard from now on!

I’m looking forward to Maa-sama in the Cosmos Troupe next year~☆
Excited~ (^ω^)

I’m sleepy. Good night

From Mayuyu

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