Out tomorrow-tan

(2011.11.29 21:40)

Good evening★

Today was a press conference for “Kibou Sanmyaku” which is being released tomorrow (^ω^)

Everyone, you’ve already pre-ordered it, right?
You’ll check it out, right~?

I really love this song!
The members singing it are cute, and the retro style is really characteristic and I like it (>_<)

So I want everyone else to love it too, and I'll do my best in the events from now on to bring energy to everyone(。・ω・。)

After the press conference, I played with

Chiichan, Wasamin, Harugon, and we joined up with Nakayan later♪

We took purikura

We met up with Nakayan after we ate, so she’s not here(ノД`)…

It’s really fun! These five

There’s too much of a sense of stability LOL

It feels like Harugon ran wild a bit…

Nah, it’s nohing lolol

I want to play again~

Today I’m going to stay over at Nakayan or Harugon’s house~

From Lovetan.

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